Emergency Management Applications
For The LAN-Cell 3G/4G Cellular Router

Disaster Response

Maximize Communications Options - Minimize Space Usage
Proxicast's LAN-Cell 3G/4G cellular router is an ideal addition to your emergency communications response vehicles or other disaster response mobile assets. The LAN-Cell provides flexible & redundant LAN / WiFi / WAN / VPN / Firewall communications in a compact, rugged "all-in-one" appliance. The LAN-Cell 3 3G/4G router ncludes:

  • 4 port 10/100 Ethernet Switch
  • Integrated 802.11 b/g/n WiFi Access Point
  • Ethernet WAN port for DSL, Cable, T1, etc.
  • 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) USB modem slot for cellular data communications
Any of the LAN-Cell's WAN interfaces can be designated as primary, with the others serving as redundant back-up communication paths. Fail-over to the back-up interfaces is automatic. For example, use a 3G/4G broadband cellular mode in the LAN-Cell and add an external satellite modem to provide communications if cellular services are down.

3G/4G Cellular Data Communications
Most customers deploying the LAN-Cell 3G/4G (LTE, HSPA+) router as part of their disaster response comunications strategy use the 3G/4G cellular data interface as the primary means of obtaining mobile Internet access. Even during wide-scale natural disasters, the 3G/4G cellular telephone system is highly resilient. With mulptile carriers serving most areas, overlapping cell coverage, auxillary power and redundant equipment at cell sites, and fast-deployment mobile cell sites maintained by many large carriers, the cellular telephone network as proven to be a reliable communications medium.

You are not "locked-in" to a single cellular provider or radio technology. The LAN-Cell's USB 3G/4G modem is the same device used in laptops. By simply replacing the 3g/4G USB modem, you can easily change cellular carriers depending on which carrier is available. Some customers even "piggy-back" two or more LAN-Cell's, each with connections to different cellular and satellite carriers, allowing the LAN-Cells to automatically determine the best available connection.

Disaster Ready
Cell-PAK Rugged, Portable, Self-Powered 3G / Wi-Fi HotSpot The LAN-Cell 2 is available in the self-powered and ultra-rugged Cell-PAK case to provide Wi-Fi and Internet access for field staff and/or evacuees.

The Cell-PAK is a truly mobile 3G cellular router and can be powered by AC, 12VDC vehicle adapters, batteries or solar cells. The LAN-Cell 2's low power draw, compact size and secure mounting options make it easy to incorporate into existing disaster response vehicles. Or keep a Cell-PAK charged up as a "grab & go" communications solution.

During Hurricane Katrina, a Proxicast customer reported that only the LAN-Cell stayed up throughout the storm and subsequent flooding. Make the LAN-Cell 3G/4G router part of your disaster response equipment.

LAN-Cell 3G/4G Router Disaster Response Advantages
  • 2 WAN communications options: Wired and 3G/4G Cellular
  • Automatic fail-over & fail-back
  • User accessible 3G/4G USB cellular modem
  • All-in-one solution for LAN, WiFi, WAN & Security
  • AC, 12VDC vehicle, solar and battery power compatbile
  • Works on 3G/4G CDMA & GSM networks worldwide

Proxicast is a CCR/SBA registered small business for government procurement purposes.

Proxicast LAN-Cell 3 3G/4G/LTE Router

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