Security Applications
For The LAN-Cell 3G/4G Cellular Routers

Video Surveillance

Proxicast's LAN-Cell 3G/4G Cellular Router Is The Professional's Choice
Video surveillance (CCTV) systems are increasingly utilizing IP-based cameras and incorporating the Internet for communications to decrease costs and increase remote monitoring flexibility. Cellular carriers are racing to roll out ever-faster 3G/4G wireless broadband technologies for Internet service. The convergence of these trends is rapidly expanding the number of situations where video security applications can be deployed quickly and economically. What has been missing is a simple way to link video surveillance systems to these new high-speed 3G/4G cellular data networks.

LAN-Cell 3G/4G Router Network Configuraton for Remote Video Applications LAN-Cell 3G Router Network Configuraton for Remote Video Applications
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Internet Enable Your Cameras
The Proxicast LAN-Cell 3G/4G cellular router is the perfect communications gateway for providing remote monitoring and surveillance via IP cameras. Our customers have deployed the LAN-Cell for applications such as construction site surveillance, video motion detection, time-lapse imagery, and traffic cameras. You can even easily add an inexpensive webcam to your other LAN-Cell connected data collection equipment for enhanced security and monitoring of your remote sites. The LAN-Cell makes it easy to access your cameras over the Internet.

Any Camera, Any DVR, Any Network
Ethernet-based IP cameras can be connected directly to one of the LAN-Cell's 4 Ethernet LAN ports. Connect WiFi cameras to the LAN-Cell built-in 802.11 b/g/n Access Point, eliminating the need for site-wide network cabling when deploying multiple cameras and making it harder for the video signal to be interrupted. You can even control sophisticated Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras and Digital Video Recorders from anywhere in the world. Network cameras from manufacturers such as Axis, D-Link, Linksys, Panasonic, Sony, and others have been used successfully with the LAN-Cell 3G router.

Connect Multiple Cameras
Multiple cameras at each site can be accessed using the LAN-Cell's Port Redirection feature without changing the cameras' default communications settings. Use your existing camera monitoring applications to seamlessly connect to your remote cameras over the Internet.

Excellent For Mobile In-Vehicle Applications
Mobile access to the Internet can offer a whole new level of security onboard vehicles such as cars, taxis, police cars, limos, motor coaches, buses, school buses, boats and even commuter trains. In private vehicles or a public vehicles, onboard video surveillance is a popular and growing security application. You can easily put together your own custom mobile video solution by connecting a LAN-Cell 3G/4G router to any Internet enabled digital video recorder (DVR) with cameras attached.

The LAN-Cell 3G/4G Router Video Surveillance And Security Applications:

  • Construction Site Monitoring
  • Remote DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Access & Playback
  • Mobile Video Surveillance Trailers & Vehicles
  • Remote Traffic Monitoring Cameras
  • Red Light Runner and License Plate Cameras
  • Special Event or Crisis Monitoring Video
  • Remote Uplink Video & Television Broadcasting
  • Bus & Public Transportation Monitoring
  • School Buses and Vans
  • Commuter Train & Mass Transit Monitoring
  • Railroad Crossing Cameras & Security Devices
  • Police, Private Security and other Law Enforcement (LEO) Applications
  • Parking Lot and Retail Theft Deterrence Video
  • Police Cars & Vans / Armored Cars & Trucks
  • Mobile & Temporary Asset Monitoring
  • Border Patrol and Checkpoint Monitoring
  • Backup or Failover for Hardwired Video Monitoring

Carrier Independent & Upgradable
The LAN-Cell 3G/4G router is cellular carrier independent via its removable 3G/4G modem architecture, and can easily be upgraded as newer and faster cellular technologies (such as LTE and HSPA+) become available.  The LAN-Cell supports all major worldwide cellular (wireless) carriers including Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile, Rogers, Telus, Bell Mobility, Telcel, Orange, Vodafone, O2, Telstra and others.

High Speed Networks
The LAN-Cell supports all of the latest high-speed 3G/4G (LTE and HSPA+) cellular standards which provide the bandwidth necessary for fast frame rate and high resolution.  In the US, LTE networks currently offer a maximum of 30+ Mbps down 10+ Mbps up. HSPA+ networks currently offer a maximum of 21 Mbps down 6 Mbps up. Real world performance depends on a number of factors, but the LAN-Cell automatically maximizes the available bandwidth and transmits as fast as the cellular connection will allow.

Save Money 
Customers can save money by using the LAN-Cell's Ethernet switch, integrated 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi access point and router features to share a single Internet connection for all of their remote cameras and security devices.   The LAN-Cell port redirection and end-to-end VPN capabilities allows multiple cameras at each site to be accessed without changing the cameras' default communications settings or worrying about carrier port restrictions.

Easy To Install 
The LAN-Cell 3G/4G router is also well suited for mobile video surveillance trailers and vehicles.  The LAN-Cell small size and rugged steel chassis makes it easy to integrate into existing security enclosures and cabinets.  The LAN-Cell runs on 12 VDC and has a very low current draw.  It can even be operated from a solar power source.

LAN-Cell 3G/4G Router Video Surveillance Advantages

  • 3G/4G Performance = faster upload speeds = higher frame rates & better resolution
  • Connect multiple Wired and Wireless IP cameras to 1 LAN-Cell
  • Bandwidth Management features to prioritize video traffic
  • Port Mapping, Redirection & DMZ features to minimize changes to camera configuration
  • Dynamic DNS support to access cameras by name or IP address
  • Deploy a single platform on CDMA & GSM networks worldwide

NOTE: Some cellular carriers restrict continuous video streaming applications on their networks. Check with your cellular carrier regarding your planned usage of remote video applications.

The LAN-Cell 3G/4G router can work with almost any Internet enabled DVR or NVR
Some of the brands of equipment that our customers use:

ADT ArcVision Diamond Hitachi Mitsubishi Peerless Sony
Axis Bosch Elmo Honeywell Nitek Raytheon Tatung
ACTi Canon Fuji Ikegami Panasonic Samsung Toshiba
Altronix Costar GE JVC Pelco Sanyo VCE

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TechNote: Accessing Remote Devices via the LAN-Cell 3

This TechNote presents an example of configuring the LAN-Cell to permit remote access to a Network Digital Video Recorder and attached cameras.

Have Only 1 IP Camera or Need a Covert Solution?
Proxicast's ultra-small PocketPORT USB-Ethernet Bridge/Router connects a USB modem to any Ethernet capable camera for instant remote access.

The PocketPORT is simple to use and easy to carry or conceal. It includes advanced features such as dynamic DNS support, connection monitoring and keep-alive. Using 2 PocketPORTs in our unique "Virtual Cable Mode" eliminates the need for public or static IP addresses on the cellular modems - your remote camera appears to be connected directly to your PC. There is no other device in the world like the PocketPORT!

Learn more about the Proxicast PocketPORT 2 3G/4G USB Ethernet Bridge/Router

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